Who’s involved?

The Right to Housing (R2H) Coalition includes people from a variety of backgrounds and expertise, including people with lived experience of homelessness or of being inadequately housed, community organizations, advocacy groups and academics.

Organizations and individuals who have participated in and/or endorsed the Right to Housing:
  • Aboriginal Legal Services
  • Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario
  • Amnesty International
  • Anduhyaun Inc.
  • Anglican Church Child Poverty Committee
  • ARCH Disability Law Centre
  • Asper Centre for Constitutional Rights
  • Canada Without Poverty
  • Canadian Pensioners Concerned
  • Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network
  • Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation
  • Charter Committee on Poverty Issues
  • Children’s Aid Society of Toronto
  • Colour of Poverty – Colour of Change
  • Covenant House
  • The Dream Team
  • Elizabeth Fry Toronto
  • ESCR.Net
  • Federation of Metro Tenants Association
  • Fred Victor Mission
  • Habitat Services
  • Hamilton Community Legal Clinic
  • HIV/AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario
  • Holland Bloorview Kids Rehab
  • Housing and Homelessness Umbrella Group
  • Income Security Advocacy Centre
  • June Callwood Centre
  • Justice for Girls
  • Kensington-Bellwoods Community Legal Clinic
  • Metro Toronto Chinese and Southeast Asian Community Legal Services
  • National Aboriginal Housing Association
  • National Anti-Poverty Organization
  • Native Women’s Association of Canada
  • Native Women’s Resource Centre
  • Nellie’s
  • ODSP Action Coalition
  • Older Women’s Network
  • Pivot Legal Society
  • Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario
  • Sistering
  • Springtide Resources
  • Social Rights Advocacy Centre
  • St. Stephen’s Community House
  • Steering Committee on Social Assistance
  • Tenants for Social Housing
  • Toronto Disaster Relief Committee
  • Toronto Drop-in Network
  • Voices From the Street
  • Wellesley Institute
  • Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF)
  • Working for Change
  • Workers’ Action Centre
  • Fay Faraday, Faraday Law
  • Professor David Hulchanksi, University of Toronto
  • Professor Martha Jackman, University of Ottawa
  • Emily Paradis, Research Associate, University of Toronto
  • Peter Rosenthal, Roach, Schwartz and Associates
  • Dean Lorne Sossin, Osgoode Hall Law School

In addition, academics and experts from across Canada and around the world contributed their time and expertise to develop expert witness affidavits for the Charter case. Please see application material for more information.

If your group or organization is interested in becoming involved and/or endorsing the Right to Housing campaign, please get in touch with us.


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