June 6, 2019: iPolitics: Liberals successfully move housing amendment to budget bill
June 4, 2019: Toronto Star: Advocates have high hopes for ‘right to housing’
April 16, 2019: Canadian Press: Trudeau pressed for budget bill changes to beef up proposed ‘right to housing’
April 11, 2019: Canadian press: Liberals put ‘right to housing,’ anti-poverty laws into omnibus budget bill
August 14, 2018: Canadian Press: Liberals need to make housing a human right in Canadian law, advocates say
December 14, 2017: National housing strategy affirms that housing rights are human rights
December 4, 2017: Globe and Mail: No, Ottawa has not put forth a national housing strategy
November 23, 2017: CBC News: Trudeau says housing is a human right — what does that mean exactly?
November 22, 2017: Toronto Star: Activists say Ottawa should deliver housing funds over two years, instead of 11
November 22, 2017: Globe and Mail: Federal government looks to provinces for billions to support housing plan
November 22, 2017: CBC News: Liberals detail $40B for 10-year national housing strategy, introduce Canada Housing Benefit
November 18, 2016: Toronto Star: Activists march to get housing recognized as a right
April 23, 2016 – Redeye: Vancouver Cooperative Radio: UN report slams Canada for homelessness crisis
March 15, 2016 – L’Express: Logement et sans-abri: le Canada réprimandé
March 8, 2016 – Huffington Post: UN Warns of ‘Persistent Housing Crisis’ in Canada
March 8, 2016 – CBC News: UN critical of Canada’s record on housing, homelessness
March 7, 2016 – Toronto Star: UN raises concern over Canada’s persistent ‘housing crisis’
March 7, 2016 – Ici Radio-Canada: Stratégie nationale du logement : le Canada réprimandé par l’ONU
February 29, 2016, The ‘right’ time to act on poverty
February 26, 2016, The Tyee: In Canada, Housing Is a Right, Right?
February 20, 2016, Toronto Star: Advocates take Canada’s housing policy to the UN
February 18, 2016, Canadian Press: Canadian groups to urge UN to press Canada on housing, poverty and justice
November 24, 2015, Urban SimpliCity: National Housing Day Rally 2015
November 21, 2015, JustWords: Housing Advocates Continue to Push for a National Housing Strategy
November 20, 2015, Now Magazine: Faces of Toronto’s housing and homelessness crisis
June 25, 2015, Toronto Star: Homeless denied day in court
June 25, 2015, iPolitics: Supreme Court tosses out affordable housing case
April 2, 2015, ABlawg (University of Calgary Faculty of Law Blog): Can the Homeless Find Shelter in the Courts?
February 11, 2015, Talking Radical Radio: The Fight for a Legal Right to Housing in Canada
January 26, 2015, Lerners Appellate Advocacy Group: Top 5 Civil Appeals From The Court Of Appeal
January 19, 2015, The Court: Ontario Court of Appeal Says Housing Rights Case Can’t Proceed: Tanudjaja v Canada
December 19, 2014, The Lawyers Weekly: Homeless advocates push for one final hearing at top court
December 5, 2014, Loonie Politics: Tanudjaja case highlights the trouble with housing in Canada
December 3, 2014: Metro: Should housing be a human right? Experts across Canada sound off
December 2, 2014, ICI Radio-Canada: Le midi trente Ontario : Le logement: Est-ce un droit constitutionnel
December 1, 2014, Metro News: No place for courts in housing fight: judges
December 1, 2014, The Star: Housing for All Not a Right Court of Appeal Rules in Rejecting Charter Challenge
December 1, 2014, Canadian Press (via Global News): No Place for Courts in Affordable Housing Fight Ontario’s Top Court Rules
November 27, 2014, The Dialog: Charter challenge on right to housing dismissed
November 22, 2014, Activists demand federal government boost affordable housing investments, develop national housing strategy
August 20, 2014, This Magazine: Housing is a human right
August 14, 2014, Legal Aid Ontario blog: A constitutional right to housing
May 29, 2015, Does the right to housing belong in Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms?
November 23, 2013, Housing activists renew their call for a Canadian national housing strategy
November 21, 2014, Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network blog: More than a Motion: Tanudjaja and the Fight for Affordable Housing (Part 2)
November 13, 2014, Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network blog: HIV and the Right to Housing: An Intro to the Tanudjaja Case (Part 1)
September 8, 2013, Globe and Mail: Homeless rights group vows to appeal dismissal of Charter Challenge
September 6, 2013, Toronto Star: Court dismisses landmark Charter challenge on behalf of homeless Canadians
June 6, 2013, People First Radio: Online Interview regarding Right to Housing
May 26, 2013, Toronto Star:  Landmark Homeless Charter Challenge May Never be Heard if Government Wins Bid to Quash Case
February 23, 2013, Hamilton Spectator: Charter challenge, MP’s bill focus on the need for housing strategies
November 7, 2012, Vancouver Observer: Canada’s lack of national housing strategy targeted by Ontario court case
August 22, 2012, Yonge Street Media: Why affordable housing is a key human right
October 18, 2010, Toronto Star: Red tent campaign calls for housing strategy
August 27, 2010, The Lawyers Weekly: Using the Charter to End Homelessness
July 3, 2010, Toronto Star: Schreyer: Build houses to fight poverty
May 27, 2010, Homeless and underhoused Ontarians launch legal challenge against federal and provincial governments
May 27, 2010, Toronto Star: Toronto homeless launch charter challenge
May 26, 2010, Globe and Mail: Charter challenge aims to force governments to create public housing



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