After National Housing Day: TAKE ACTION!


Thank you to everyone who took taking part in our National Housing Day event on November 20th in Toronto!

If you attended the march and/or the People’s Assembly, we would like to get your feedback – please take 5 minutes to fill out this online survey:
National Housing Day event survey

Next Steps… Let’s continue to build and TAKE ACTION!
On November 20th, about 300+ people took part in a powerful day, speaking up and marching for the right to housing, and being “spect-actors” in a forum theatre play based on people’s real lived experiences of homelessness and housing struggles. We then joined together in a legislative theatre process to brainstorm policy solutions that will help solve the affordable housing and homelessness crisis, and these are the three that we collectively voted to pass:

      1. The Government of Canada must implement a national housing strategy

      3. People are forced to wait many years for social housing because the waiting list is too long. The provincial government must make private market rents more affordable and raise the shelter allowance for people on social assistance to an adequate amount that meets real need.


      5. The provincial and municipal governments must pass and implement inclusionary housing laws that require affordable housing in all new developments.

We will be following up with policymakers and legislators (including but not limited to those in attendance: MP Adam Vaughan, MPP Cheri DiNovo, and Toronto City Councillor Joe Cressy). We encourage you to also contact your local politicians at all levels of government  to push for these necessary policy solutions:

Your local MP
Amarjeet Sohi (Minister of Infrastructure and Communities)
Jean-Yves Duclos (Minister of Families, Children and Social Development)
Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister of Canada)

Your local MPP
Ted McMeekin (Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing)
Kathleen Wynne (Premier of Ontario)

Your local City Councillor
Ana Bailão (City Councillor & Chair of the Affordable Housing Committee)
John Tory (Mayor of Toronto)

shelter allowance chart 2014

Graph: Current shelter allowance rates in Ontario are inadequate

Media about our National Housing Day event:
Faces of Toronto’s housing and homelessness crisis (Now Magazine)
National Housing Day Rally 2015 (Urban SimpliCity)
Housing Advocates Continue to Push for a National Housing Strategy (JustWords)

View more photos of the march here, here and here.

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