Contact your MP and candidates on June 17th: Vote Housing For All!


Join our collective voices across Canada on June 17th to call for the right to housing!

We have an affordable housing and homelessness crisis in Canada and the government is doing little to fix it.

On Wednesday, June 17th, groups across Canada will be holding different events and actions in their communities to say that we will vote housing for all! Send a strong message to all political parties for the upcoming federal elections that we want to see a commitment to housing as a human right.

Will you stand up and join this national day of action?
Call, visit or email your MP and election candidates on June 17th and tell them you will vote housing for all, and share with them our collective message!
Find your local MP’s contact information by entering your postal code here.
Contact political party leaders here.
Use this hashtag on social media: #VoteHousing4All

We invite you to take part and share our collective message:

  1. We want a national housing strategy now:

A national housing strategy is required to reduce and eventually end homelessness in Canada.

In Canada, we have 150,000 to 300,000 people who are visibly homeless, plus 450,000 to 900,000 people who are among the “hidden homeless.”

In 2009, Miloon Kothari, the UN Special Rapporteur on Housing, called the housing and homelessness crisis in Canada a “national emergency.” Yet, Canada remains the only G8 nation in the world without a national housing strategy, and the federal government continues to cut funding to housing and homelessness programs.

We are calling for the government to ensure that everyone has adequate housing by adopting a national housing strategy, and that this strategy must be developed in consultation with groups across Canada.

  1. We want to see a re-investment in affordable housing:

We already have a housing and homelessness crisis but it may soon get even worse.

Social housing is the safety net that houses those who might otherwise risk homelessness. In Canada, 365,000 low income households are at risk of losing their homes because the Federal government refuses to renew subsidies for social housing.

Meanwhile, the waiting list for social housing continues to grow: there are over 168,000 households on the waiting list in Ontario alone. Without federal government support, many providers of social housing will have to raise rents to market levels or sell their affordable units to make ends meet. Tenants who can’t pay the higher price will face economic eviction.

We are calling for the government to re-invest in social housing by renewing the federal subsidies, and to dedicate adequate funding to building new affordable housing.



One thought on “Contact your MP and candidates on June 17th: Vote Housing For All!

  1. WHY is it that no one in the Victoria BC area picks up on these ongoing national events and share them locally?

    I wonder if there is a disconnect from back east and out west ? sad to see and understandable as to why there is not more national pressure on the federal govt in regards to Housing for All and the push for more Harm Reduction policies in this social justice arena.

    Maybe your organization does not Support Harm Reduction policies as part of a National Housing agenda?!

    THAT is certainly a disconnect!

    Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2015 21:47:57 +0000 To:

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