Monday May 26 – Right to Housing Case goes to Ontario Court of Appeal

On May 26-28th, the Ontario Court of Appeal will hear arguments from lawyers representing 4 formely homeless or poorly housing Ontarians. Their case – the ‘Right to Housing Charter Challenge’ was dismissed by the Ontario Superior Court in September of 2013.

They will argue that the Superior Court was wrong to deny homeless people the right to present their case before the Court in a full hearing. Eight groups of intervenors will argue in favour of allowing the appeal and denying the motion to strike, including: LEAF, the Ontario Human Rights Commission, Amnesty International, the Colour of Poverty, in addition to several legal clinics: ARCH Disability Law Centre, the Income Security Advocacy Centre, Neighbourhood Legal Services, and the HIV/AIDS Legal Clinic of Ontario.

Stand in solidarity with the applicants and show your support for the right to housing:
You can attend the Appeal to show your support. It takes place in Courtroom 1 at the Court of Appeal for Ontario, 130 Queen St W, Toronto (northeast corner of University and Queen St.) The hearing begins at 10:30am each day and ends by 4:30pm. Wednesday may end by noon.

The ‘Right to Housing challenge’ argues that the governments of Canada and Ontario are in violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and international law for their failure to address, and their contribution to, the growing crisis of homelessness and inadequate housing. Almost 10,000 pages of expert witness evidence were submitted to support this case on National Housing Day in the fall of 2011.


4 thoughts on “Monday May 26 – Right to Housing Case goes to Ontario Court of Appeal

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