Media round-up for Charter Challenge

Here is some of the press generated by the Charter challenge over the last couple of days:

Globe and Mail article:

Vancouver Province article: Charter Challenge:

Windsor Star: Advocates launch Charter Challenge:

CBC Metro Morning interview with Peter Rosenthal:

CBC As it Happens interview with Leilani Farha (note – this 7 minute clip may not be up for too long):

Picture of the press conference on page 3 of the Metro (free Toronto daily paper): Homeless and underhoused Ontarians launch legal challenge against federal and provincial governments

Black Hat Media (online): Charter Challenge – government obligated to end homelessness

CBC Radio Canada: L’itinĂ©rance en violation de la Charte?

Toronto homeless launch charter challenge – Say federal and Ontario governments violate their rights to equality–toronto-homeless-launch-charter-challenge